Cool Healing Lifestyle

Cool Healing Lifestyle Journey

8 Steps to living a life you love and deserve.

Living a life you love and deserve takes effort, consistency and intention.

If you knew following 8 steps could change your life would you 

make the commitment?

There is no quick fix or avoiding discomfort, change can be painful but there are

tools to support you on your journey and I can help.

What are the 8 Steps?


No. 2 Add Nutrition/Cleansing.

No. 3 Self care/Pampering.

No. 4 Declutter.

No.5 Tune In.


No. 7 Share Because You Care.

No.8 Random Act Of Kindness.

Each step has an in depth process and a level of commitment that is required.

YOU have to be ready and DECIDE, 

Then magic WILL happen in your life.

What will this journey do for


No.1. Step Into Your POWER

No. 2 Purify Your Temple To Thrive.

No.3 Qigong, Massage & Nutrition 

for self love.

No. 4. Create Space Internally and Externally 

To Breath.

No. 5. Listen to The Whispers From Your Soul.

No. 6. Act On Your Whispers, 

Watch Magic Happen In Your Life.

No. 7. The True Gift Comes 

When You Share With Others.

No. 8. When You Are Over Flowing, 

Then You Can Give To Others.

When will enough be enough?

Your consultation is all about helping YOU find your personal path to good health.

The first Step Is To DECIDE you are ready, even if you are not sure what step is next, this is the most important step. 

Just deciding to reach out to me for a consultation, the journey begins....


Customer's Feedback

"I began working with Candace for scar therapy. I was so surprised that while she was doing the treatment, I could feel areas where the pain referred from scar areas. She is definitely a light worker and amazing healer. I have begun to rely on her for nutrition support as well as having been introduced to Qigong through her. I absolutely recommend her for all around holistic services."

Laura - Fort Myers Florida

"I have been seeing Candace for probably 10 years now for treatments... very intuitive, loving, and a beautiful soul. I highly recommend all her healing treatments. Good luck in your new space... it is lovely 💕🦋🙌🏻"

Denise - Cape Coral Florida

"Candace Tranter Cool's program is the best I've ever encountered. Anyone who's every been privileged enough to work with her knows that she transforms lives. By employing various modalities, and thought leadership that she lives by, every experience with Cool Healing Lifestyle will leave you feeling energized and spiritualized! Candace is truly a goddess and her talent is magical. A true gem."

Leigh  - Cape Coral Florida

"My massages was truly one of the most therapeutic experiences. Her intuitive sense and abolify to fine tune where my needs were before I realized them. The entire experience was such a gift but I especially enjoyed the tools she used in session, the aromatherapy oils and intention she brought to healing. It magnified a lot for me. After the massage I noticed a difference in my face immediately so much had been cleared I visibly looked lighter and brighter. If your looking for emotional and physical healing she will amaze you how much can be done in a short time."

Danielle  - Fort Myers Florida

"Candace has such insight and love. I have been suffering with my shoulder and my neck and yesterday Cans gave me a treatment, wow, she is amazing, I slept much better than I have for awhile, In the morning I had much more mobility in all areas of my body, I could turn my head side to side without pain and actually could turn further around.

In previous treatments Cans worked on my scars from operations and accidents, the change was amazing, they are flater and I could feel the release physical and emotionally.

I highly recommend Candace's treatment for any problems you might have.

Thanks Candace, we feel your passion and love that flows from you..."

Pat - Cape Coral Florida